PhotoEd Godshalk   is a rare car collector who often comes to us often with seemingly unsolvable problems. The first project he brought to us came in the form of a 1925 Amilcar CGS that needed some reproduction nuts, bolts and fasteners with a “vintage” appearance. As one of the very first racecars, this lightweight French model won the world’s first 24-hour race. So obviously it needed to be treated with respect. And it really needed the services of a precision machine shop willing to take on such a project:

“I was immediately impressed that the folks at Paul Brong were willing to accept relatively small jobs that entailed a lot of specialized machining of hardened steel alloys that are time consuming to produce,” says Ed. “The prices were fair, the delivery time quite reasonable and the staff seemed genuinely interested in the project.”

In particular, Ed worked closely with George Passino, Paul Brong’s General Manager:

“As the restoration continued I began to realize that George had no fear of any project. Paul Brong ended up making custom tools, a gas tank float, speedometer innards, modifying modern bearings to fit into the generator housing, suspension parts, etc. Thanks to his support I was able to complete the car in time to ship it to Italy in 2004 to participate in a 1000 mile rally,” says Ed.                   Click here to read Ed’s testimonial in its entirety.