MotoCzysz     MotoCzysz is a company that is trying to do something that no US manufacturer has attempted for a number of years: create an all American made racing motorcycle. And so Brandon Duppenthaler, the company’s Chief Operating Officer, came to Paul Brong needing literally thousands of prototype parts:

“We definitely wouldn’t be where we are today without Paul Brong,” says Brandon. “I can remember many times in the last several months going to them with a print-out for a part needed within a few hours. George always seemed to say ‘no problem,’ or ‘piece of cake.’”

From internal and external engine parts to rider controls and suspension pieces, there really isn’t an area in the creation of the MotoCzysz bike that Paul Brong hasn’t been involved:

“I’d recommend Paul Brong Machine Works to anyone looking for quality parts, at a fair price with a quick turnaround. The staff is great to work with and they are all very professional and fun,” says Brandon.

PhotoAs the first MotoCzysz bike is nearing completion, Paul Brong will be involved in actual production runs of the motorcycle. We’re pretty excited about it.

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