PhotoPower Engineering  came to us with an interesting dilemma. As a marine engineering and construction firm, they were working on testing a hundred year old pier for strength. And it wasn’t just any pier – it was close to the San Francisco Ferry Building, a national landmark. So did the piles need to be replaced or were they sound? To find out, they needed a custom core bit for their underwater drill to get very large core samples. The smaller bits were jamming and breaking. But no one had ever made a core bit that large.

“We needed this bit in a fairly short time frame and Paul Brong had it to us literally overnight. They completely exceeded my expectations,” says Kelly Blythe, the manager on the project.

Perhaps more impressively, the prototype was created entirely working long distance: “We just described what we wanted and we got this bit that cut through the piles like the proverbial hot knife through butter. In fact it worked almost too well. The drill was cutting too fast through the pile and the shavings and debris would jam it. But Paul Brong even helped us solve that problem,” says Kelly.

Power Engineering especially liked our old fashioned service: “We work with the same companies over and over so we’re comfortable doing most everything with just some words and a handshake. While this was our first job with Paul Brong, they honored that type of trust. We will come back to them again.” says Kelly.

By the way, that bit is still being used. It has helped Power Engineering get other jobs.