Celebrating over 92 years of custom manufacturing, repair and specialized machine engineering.

Supporting a variety of industries including Elevator, Escalator, Bakery and Processing Facilities.

Our Services

Repair vs. Replace? We don’t just repair – we make it better. When you bring in a part we try to diagnose why it failed in the first place. And more often than not we can do it at a much lower price than the cost of the original part.
CNC Milling
CNC Milling

Full 3-axis machining capabilities
with pallet changer

Up to 12,000 RPM
high speed machining

Close tolerance to + - .0002

CNC Turning
CNC Turning

2-axis turning of complex shapes
and features

Up to 24” diameter and 60” long capabilities

Close tolerance to + - .0002

General Manual Machining
General Manual Machining

Turning 36” diameter to 8 feet capacity

Turning 4” diameter to 20 feet capacity

Milling vertical and horizontal up to 8 feet

Broaching both pull and shaper heads

Long shaft key capabilities

Sawing to 20"

Welding & Fabrication
Welding & Fabrication

Full sheet metal service — bending, rolling, and cutting

Welding — steel, stainless, aluminum, and cast iron

Brazing and silver soldering

Tig and Mig

Repair Services
Repair Services

On-site consulting, repair, welding, and installation services

Shafting weld-up and turning capabilities

Shaft and parts straightening

Custom order shafts for all air handling systems

Remanufacturing discontinued O.E.M. parts for repair

Printing industry support and repair

Mechanical contractor support services

Emergency repair/support services 24/7

CAD / 3D Modeling
CAD / 3D Modeling

Full CAD/CAM support

Computer CAD prints for customer parts when requested

General Services
General Services

QC and test equipment

Machine and tool design

Follow-up customer support

Parts delivery to job site

Entrepreneurial Engineering
Entrepreneurial Engineering

Short Runs


Reverse Engineering

Company History

Company History

Paul Brong Machine Works was founded by Paul Brong in 1927 and has been in continuous operation for over 92 years since our beginning in Northeast Portland.  In October of 2019, we moved out of our 9000 sq ft. facility and into a new 20,000 sq ft facility, just across the Columbia river from Portland, near I-5 in Vancouver, WA. Our new location has allowed us to grow to better serve our customers. Brong’s family recalled how their father first worked out of their garage until the business needed more space. And befitting the company’s somewhat mad scientist personality, Mr. Brong was never seen wearing anything other than a business suit and white lab coat — even when he was up to his elbows in grease.

Built up around the needs of the nearby logging industry, one of the firm’s first roles was to produce drilling bits. And speaking of drilling, a recent search turned up a 1937 patent for a hand piece to a dental drill. So even from the beginning, Paul Brong was working with a wide range of companies – both large and small.

The company became even more diversified around World War II, producing parts for NW Pipe and Oregon Steel. After Paul Brong’s death the business was sold in 1964. The company continues to be a well-mixed blend of small and large projects: manufacturing a large run of baking oven parts one day and on the next, creating a miniature bicycle for a trained parrot.



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Monday - Friday
7:30 am - 4:00 pm


3600 SE Columbia Way
Bldg 50
Vancouver, WA 98661

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